For any startup, there comes a time when you need to move beyond the founding team and it can be a challenge to find team members who share your passion and who want to join you on your journey.




There are three initial roles that every tech start-up needs:

DESIGNER                              BUILDER                              SELLER



We find that with the majority of our clients at this stage, they are looking for "Builders". It may be that initial development has been conducted by Offshore or Freelance developers and this first permanent software hire is the next step along the process.  

Naturally the first step for most founders, is to look within their personal network utilising social media such as Facebook or Twitter to spread the word.  The key to remember is that hiring for a startup is nothing like hiring for corporates. Your early stage hires need to be knowledgable in several areas and specialised in one and need to be willing to wear many hats. 

Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid:

  • Thinking short-term - Don't look at the immediate here and now, but always take a long-term view of where you want your business to go. Can this individual grow and develop with you? 

  • Biased hiring - it is easy to hire team members who are similar to yourself. Beware that in order to move from startup to scaleup you will need to ensure that you have a diverse team. Diverse teams tend to be more innovative and creative

  • Wasting valuable time  - this could be the first time that you have found yourself in the position of hirer and it can be daunting knowing how to screen and prioritise applications. Ensure that you have a solid hiring plan and a robust interview process.

  • Not selling the opportunity - experienced techncial candidates are in high demand and often find themselves considering a number of opportunities on the table. If you can't compete with high salaries, then make sure you have laid out your company vision, benefits, opportunity for growth and development and potential equity for the early joiners. 

  • Stopping your hiring - once you  have made that first hire, start thinking about the next. One key factor in slowing company growth is lack of talent. 

We understand that using an external recruiter may not be at the top of your list, but hear us out.


Our recruitment process at Propeller-Tech is all based around seeking out passive candidates. We give you access to some of the best candidates on the market who won't be talking to your competitors.  Our role in helping you, is to reduce the time that you need to spend sourcing and talking to unsuitable applicants and we act as your employer branding partner at the same time.


Take a look at our pricing structure, you might be pleasantly surprised. 

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