The chicken or the egg?

You've all heard this before right, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Technical testing. I know it's a really important stage of the interview process for many when looking to hire a developer, but at what stage does it get introduced?

There is an argument that it's the most critial stage for a hiring manager to be able to assess the technical capability of any potential employee and often becomes the deciding factor on whether someone is hired. So at what stage should you ask a candidate to invest their own time in completing an activity?

As a developer, would you want to at least have a first stage conversation with the hiring manager to find out about the opportunity and the company itself? Is that enough time to feel invested? Or would you be happy to complete a pre-set technical test before that call ever takes place.

Hiring managers, would you want to know that a candidate has the technical capability required for the role before you invest time in completing a first round interview stage, particularly when you may be tight on time and resources. At least you know that technically they are a good match for the role, now you just need to make sure that everything else "fits".

Who benefits or loses out in both scenarios in this stage?

I would love to hear your thoughts - candidates and hiring managers!

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