Startups - why now is the time to hire

As a recruiter, I tend to work mostly with very early stage startups perhaps looking to hire their first permanent member of staff. It can be daunting and even more so in this current economic climate.

Here are some of the reasons why I think now IS the time to push on with your hiring plans:

  1. The availability of talent. As a startup it can be hard to attract individuals who are risk adverse, but I am seeing many more individuals change their opinions having been made redundant from what they considered to be a larger, more stable organisation due to Covid.

  2. Regional talent. The pandemic has brought about a change in people's views on where they want to live. You no longer have to consider opening up an office in a big city with an expensive office address.

  3. Diverse talent. For too long we have seen a shortage of women in tech. Now with more remote and flexible working options, this opens up the door to look at how to hire a more diverse team.

  4. A level playing field. One of the issues that startups face, is competition for talent. You have a short window of opportunity here. The Office for National Statistics reported that whilst July to September 2020 saw a record quarterly increase in the level of vacancies, this is still 40.5% lower than this time last year.

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