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Updated: Oct 21

When it comes to writing a CV, to a certain extent it's a personal choice. A CV is your sales pitch to a hirer or recruiter and so there are certain points that we advise every software developer to consider.

1. Write a personal statement - give the reader an insight in to your experience, your softer skills and your aspirations for the future. This is your opening pitch so make it a good one.

2. Tech stack. Here is where it can get a bit controversial!. It's easy to write the name of every programming language, API, database, operating system that you have used. To a hiring manager that isn't overly helpful, particularly if you used Java at University 5 years ago and haven't touched it since. Instead, think about rating each tech skill on a scale of 1 to 5. I have seen CVs that use star ratings, bars and all kinds of wonderfully creative methods. The point is, it gives a very quick and easy to read visual of your strengths and areas for development.

3. Career. You may think that writing your job title is enough to give a reader an overview of your position, but think again. Hiring managers want to understand "what" you did with that tech stack. List your achievements too and if you can list facts and figures (savings, improvements etc) that is even more appealing to a future employer.

4. Soft skills. As a software developer, you need to be able to communicate well with other members of the team along with a whole host of other personal attributes. Whilst we often don't like to give these skills a name, it's good to take a look at your strengths and list those too.

If you can keep a CV to no more than 3 pages and 2 if possible, this will save the interviewer a lot of time. If you need more space, why not think about setting up your own personal website to list a full Cv with a link to projects and contributions etc.

If you are looking to make a move in to a new software developer role and have an interest in working in the startup field, get in touch at louise@propeller-tech.com

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