Keeping in touch post placement - how often is enough?

I created a poll on Linkedin last week, aimed specifically at developers. I was keen to find out from those who had been placed in to permanent roles, just how often they expect their recruiter to contact them after starting.

Here are the results from 110 participants:

Developers! Have you been placed in to a perm role by a recruiter? If so, how do you feel about being contacted to see how things are going?

Never - just assume I am fine 20% Once or twice after starting 51% On-going - to keep in touch 29% 114 votes Poll closed

It's clear to see that the majority of candidates would like some form of contact at least!. Having worked in recruitment for 20 years now, the post placement service has always been just as important as the build up. In those first few weeks in a new role, it's our job as a recruiter to make sure that candidates are settling in and to gather some feedback on the induction process. I have often used this communication as a way to identify early issues and have been able to intervene in what would have been a negative outcome, over very fixable issues.

I always aim to call candidates in the first week, then month and then I will be guided by them as to what happens after that. I appreciate that the sceptical amongst you will assume that a recruiter keeps in touch just waiting for the first whiff of unhappiness at which point they will whip you out and place you elsewhere. If that is how your recruiter makes you feel, don't work with them. My point is, candidates shouldn't be wined and dined until they sign on the dotted line and start a new role, never to be contacted again. I may just call that developer in the 20% above who doesn't want to be contacted but we can't assume that this is how people want to be treated.

It doesn't matter who you place, or in what sector, just make sure that you don't make candidates feel like they are simply pounds and pence to you.

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