How to engage with Internal Talent teams

Recruitment for agency recruiters has been tough this year, but it's not all doom and gloom.

Many fear that the pandemic has resulted in an influx of available candidates, a candidate rich market. Internal talent teams are being flooded with candidates for free. However, there in lies the issue. This "flooding" has in many cases had the reverse affect and has meant that many of these high growth companies who were still hiring have struggled to find hidden gems in a growing talent pool.

I took on a new client 10 days ago who have been using agencies. When we discussed their process, it turns out that despite having an agency work closely with them, hiring managers were still involved in numerous telephone screening activities before getting to face to face stage. As a recruiter, my job is to SAVE clients time, not to add to it!

There is absolutely a place for agency recruiters in the hiring process right now, but only those who can show that they can add real value to the process. Here are my tips to engaging and working with Internal Talent teams:

  1. Take a look at your online presence. Those Linkedin recommendations really do mean a lot when a potential client is researching you, your background and your successes. Ensure that your personal brand stands out and looks appealing

  2. Under promise and over deliver. Don't make sweeping statements about being able to hire within a week if you know your market and know that it takes a little longer. Be honest and open about what you can and can't achieve and then work really hard to over deliver!

  3. Really take time to get to know your client, what's going on for them, successes, challenges, awards, news. Be able to give a reason WHY you want to partner with them. Show an interest and don't just call to chat about vacancies

  4. Ensure that you have a diverse candidate pool. Show how you are focusing on this in your sourcing methods and your policy on this as an agency overall. Yes, it does matter.

  5. Make sure that you are always considering your candidate journey because ultimately this will reflect back upon your hiring client. Give feedback when it's received and push back for more if required.

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