When do you move from a startup to a scaleup?

There is no definitive answer, but generally speaking and as a guide, a company has achieved some impressive levels of success and is looking to take things to the next stage.


If you are raising investment to fund this growth, typically you will move in to this arena having been through your first rounds of funding. Often you will have achieved 20% year on year growth in either turnover or employment for at least two years.

Your hiring plan now looks very different but it's not without it's own set of challenges.




You have worked hard to build a close-knit team of individuals and as the business grows it can feel like you are losing a sense of who you are. It is important to make sure that you continue to build your culture by having a clear and consisce recruitment process, sharing your goals and ambitions with existing and new employees and empowering individuals.

Employer brand:

Now is the time to really consider your employer branding. The war for talent at the scaleup stage is real, with many companies struggling to source in a limited candidate pool. Make sure that you invest time in demonstrating how you are the employer of choice. Your workplace also forms part of your band, so make sure it is fun, collaborative and creative. Use social media channels to showcase these qualities.

Hiring and firing:

Sometimes you can be faced with the need to remove individuals from the business. No-one ever likes to have to make these decisions but people can be a driving and also limiting factor. We can put you in touch with our Inhouse HR Consultant if you need some advice regarding best practice.

With regards to hiring, ensure that you have a robust recruitment process. We have worked with many clients to help them to plan out and design the right recruiting strategy.

We can help at this crucial stage of growth:


We can help you by sharing ideas and advice on recruitment best practice and process


We know how to find passive candidates and to spread the word


Hiring at pace and hiring teams is our speciality


An honest, trustworthy and collaborative approach

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